Early in the pandemic I began to observe pallets of Amazon product at the front door of our highrise condo.  (sometimes 3 pallets a day).  As a result of 40 years ownership of  small business I clearly felt the pain each package represented; the untimely impact on Independent Canadian Vendors 

I started to focus; how can new ideas support change to the situation.    IMAGINE  A company that represents only Canadian Small Business;   a company that supports Modern Merchants to adapt and grow to the e-commerce marketplace;  a  company that promotes local using the  AI  search engine to show products closest to the shopper first;  a company that enhances exposure to a wider audience; a company that  has developed unique automation tools allowing entrepreneurs more efficiency; a company that minimizes vendor overhead; a company that never holds hard earned vendor funds; a company that exposes and promotes creative products;    a company that views our vendors and customers as community;   a company that attracts similar minded consumers through robust marketing;   a company that promotes quality over quantity;   a company that recognizes and contributes to needy charities;  a company that will be fulfilled only when the vendors are successful and customers are satisfied. And finally a company that pays due taxes.

This is who we are;  and with your help, this is whom we strive to be.

As a result we are proud to introduce goshoplocal.com  a multi-vendor marketplace developed for Independent Canadian businesses to market their products online.

Recent trends indicate the retail landscape is exponentially shifting to on-line shopping; Larger companies with robust budgets are able to adapt easier to this new reality, and recently have been leaving many independent businesses with a gap in their business model.

Our goal is to create a marketplace that can provide exposure for independent CANADIAN retailers and Experiencers professionals; allowing them to tap into new sources of revenue while maintaining their important and existing bricks and mortar stores/workshops.

Located in Edmonton and Vancouver, our team has a combined 50 years of in-depth functional knowledge of the independent retail environment. We understand that innovation, flexibility, stamina, and focus on CUSTOMERS and VENDORS define and drive our mandate.

Imagine the combination of all the VENDORS’ collective bricks and mortar footprints on this platform;  will collectively have the largest warehouse in Canada   

Barry Campell MBA          Ezaz Patel MBA 

[email protected]     [email protected]

Main Office    goshoplocal.com Inc.

  • 208-8135-102 St.
  • Edmonton, AB T6E-4R4               


TO THE CONSUMER:  to give the best experience for the many customers who will visit our site every day. We want to offer consumers the widest assortment of top-selling products available online to compete effectively, increase market share and grow revenues.

TO THE VENDORS: To provide exposure to a larger potential market.    To allocate a Front Page to each VENDORS in order that VENDORS can address and promote their alignment with  community and the social and environmental issues in which they live.