Routine Inc (Calgary, AB)

Maggie's Citrus Farm Pin

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  • Cute, adorable, whimsical design
  • Vivid colours
  • Solid construction
  • With a sense of humour, clingy, because. It’s. a. Pin
  • Giftable, collectible
  • Versatile, adventurous, ready to go anywhere

Routine Inc

How you choose to smell tells a story. Routine creates life-changing head to toe natural, botanic products for every body to enhance YOUR signature scent, with a totally satisfying ending.

Description for Maggie's Citrus Farm Pin

This happy horse, where do you think it belongs? No horsing around now, it belongs with you.
It spells out a sense of humour, a solid character, whimsy, and a bit of mischief, so you don’t have to.

This horse is looking on to you for care, a foundation, for  someone to listen. Or, maybe, it just wants to hang around. Prepare to have someone over, this smiling horse will defo stick around. Pin it on your lapel, or collar, give it to your dramatic friend to remind him to be naughty instead of being whiny. And if you can't have enough of this goofy guy, collect the other pins to keep him company while he sticks around.

Features for Maggie's Citrus Farm Pin
Made in Canada
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