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Wooden Display Board

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  • Holds 4 jars of Routine deo scents
  • Natural reclaimed wood
  • 100% Locally made
  • Shipped using recyclable packaging
  • Smooth, clean, even surface, live edge
  • Perfect for displaying your deo scents



Routine Inc

How you choose to smell tells a story. Routine creates life-changing head to toe natural, botanic products for every body to enhance YOUR signature scent, with a totally satisfying ending.

Description for Wooden Display Board

You know that we know, so here it is. We know that the same folks that love all natural, organic deodorant scents also love beautiful things. Why not, when life is beautiful in its entirety, just like the sustainable lifestyle journey we are in.
For those that have more than one routine scent on the go, achieve that cool and natural aesthetic while you beautify your bathroom counter with this gorgeous wooden display board. Real, natural wood slab with notches so you can display your all natural deodorant collection is made in Calgary from locally reclaimed wood. Mix and match and pair your scents, then show them off tastefully. Perfect for shared bathrooms and for acknowledging a bit of bragging rights, hey it happens to the best of us because we are indeed excited and proud to be using deodorant scents that favour our health and that of the earth's. 

Please expect the same reclaimed quality and  some differences, because the very nature of nature is originality. You get 4 recessed deo scent receptacles in this slab with ‘live edge’ though.

Note: Each board varies slightly, but all boards have 4 display notches. Deodorants NOT included. Cannot ship to the USA.

Features for Wooden Display Board
Made in Canada
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