Friday, July 29, 2022
Canada is home to many beautiful national and provincial parks. Coast to coast, there are stunning spots that are yours to discover right in your own backyard. The best part? These parks have plenty of excellent hammock camping sites to enjoy, by the water and under the stars.
As discussed in our previous articles, hammock camping is incredibly convenient and comfortable, especially when you have the right hammock camping gear.
Camping hammocks in Canada are durable, lightweight, and fast drying so you can easily pack up and carry your hammock wherever your adventure takes you.
Camping hammocks can also come with a built-in mosquito net for ease-of-use and comfort. Mosquito nets are a must-have to keep you protected from bites while you sleep. For couples and anyone who wants to snuggle while camping, there are also double, or two-person camping hammocks available.
Also, choose ridgeline cord and tree-hugger straps to hang your hammock between two sturdy trees. These tree straps won’t hurt the trees you’re hanging from.
Aside from hanging a hammock between two trees, there are many other ways you can enjoy your hammock while camping. Hammock camping allows you to get creative and live off the beaten path for as long as you have fuel in your pack and water in your jug. If you’re wondering how to hang a hammock at the beach or if you can enjoy hammock camping without trees, look for a portable hammock stand

to take with you on your adventure.


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