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Mugs are a Must-have for Fall

From a pumpkin spice latte to warm apple cider, Fall offers a bounty of ways to fill your cup. Is there anything cozier than wrapping your hands around a mug of coffee or tea on a cool autumn morning? 

A unique mug can elevate your daily ritual and create moments to savour. From the textural pleasure of a handmade ceramic mug to a fun message engraved on a stainless steel travel mug, there are so many ways to create a unique, personalized experience.

Getting a Handle On Mugs

Coffee mugs have always been a popular gift or an easy, affordable way to upgrade your daily routine. Interestingly, the popularity of handmade or customized mugs has risen dramatically over the past few years. 

Besides the need for caffeine, what’s fuelling this renewed interest in mugs? 

Handmade ceramic or stainless steel engravable mugs are the new ‘it’ items because:

They support a healthy lifestyle.

In the past few years, we’ve all had a reminder of how precious our health is and how small changes can have a big, positive difference. Considering that artisans use non-toxic glazes for ceramic mugs and stainless steel insulated mugs are super-easy to clean, they are healthy choices in supporting your help and keeping toxins and germs at bay.

They’re reusable

By refilling your own mug you’re helping to reduce paper and plastic waste. To sweeten the deal, most coffee shops provide some sort of discount or rewards program for people who are making this simple, sustainable switch. 

They’re giftable.

With mugs to mark every occasion—from milestone birthdays to housewarmings– and every interest or hobby – from shopping to camping —choices abound for personalized, thoughtful gift-giving.

They’re on-trend.

Mugs are hot! The consumer craving for artisanal and handcrafted items is an intriguing by-product of the pandemic. Hand-thrown ceramics result in slight differences to each mug, meaning each one is truly one of a kind. And mugs that celebrate a person’s personal interests make a delightful gift that is bound to be well-received and appreciated.

They support local businesses.

By shopping for handcrafted or laser-engraved mugs from Canadian-owned small businesses, you’re helping communities throughout the country to thrive and grow. And, if you’re refilling your mug at a local coffee shop, the local economy gets an even bigger boost!

Thirsty for More

Whether you’re looking for a unique gift for a special occasion, getting a head-start on your holiday gift list, or a new way to brighten up your desk or commute to work, now is the perfect time to shop for handmade or custom-printed mugs.

Thirsty to discover why handmade or customized mugs are a must-have for the season ahead? Grab your favourite mug and read on!


The ‘Perks’ of Working From Home

As more and more people have adapted to working from home, the focus on creating a comfortable remote working environment has increased. With home brew replacing the daily drive-thru, mugs have taken on a new significance. 

For many, that first sip of coffee or tea cues the beginning of the workday and helps to establish a work-from-home routine. 

And finding a statement mug has become an affordable way to express personal style. 

The buzz around handmade mugs is more than just a caffeine boost.

The pursuit of creating an Instagram-worthy domestic environment has led to an increased demand for handmade and customized products. When ‘above-the-keyboard’ dressing is the only option, sipping from a customized mug becomes an accessory to your work attire. A fun colour, design, or message on your coffee mug can generate some fun conversations for online meetings too!

While remote work has presented both challenges and opportunities, it has most definitely changed the way most of us interact with others. Handmade products have become a way for humans to feel more connected to other humans. 

Home Away From Home

With the right mug, the comforts of home can come with you for the daily grind or a Fall getaway. 

With many people returning to the workplace for in-person meetings this Fall, a mug can be a bridge between home and the office. Travel mugs create a more comfortable commute and make the transition a little easier to swallow. A stainless steel insulated mug can keep your home brew warm or can be filled up at your favourite stop along the way.

With so many Canadians opting to explore our beautiful country rather than face the headaches of traveling abroad, a stainless steel mug makes the perfect companion for a road trip or campsite. A backyard bonfire makes a staycation feel like a real getaway- especially with your favourite Fall beverage cradled in your hands!


Handmade Feels Better

When you buy handmade or customized items, not only can you feel good about supporting local businesses, you find that the care that goes into their creation is something you can feel.

Craftsmanship and customization result in better quality.

Ceramicists not only ensure that the glaze used is non-toxic but they also create items that are meant to be comfortable to use, have a pleasant tactile quality, and are beautiful to look at —a multi-sensory experience! 

With mugs made for a shot of espresso to more generous sizes with plenty of room for foam or whipped cream toppings, there’s a mug size to suit every taste. 

Handmade mugs make a statement on their own, and can become part of a curated, or eclectic collection. Many ceramic artists are finding that customers are expanding their collection with one mug at a time. Collecting mugs is a hobby that you can feel good about. Not only are you enhancing your home with personal style, but mugs are also useful items that can be enjoyed for years to come.

The lightweight but durable travel mug from Sumas Mountain Studios offers all of the positive properties of a stainless-steel interior (keeps liquids hot or cold, odour and bacteria-resistant) plus a beautiful powder-coated exterior that makes a perfect canvas for laser-engraved, permanent designs. 

Let everyone at the park know you’re the ‘Camping Queen’. Bring a smile to your co-workers at the next online meeting as you sip from your “I’d Rather Be Camping’ mug.

With messages ranging from sweet to cheeky, you’re bound to find the perfect gift or new addition to your own mug collection. You can also contact the vendor about a customized colour or message —it doesn’t get much more personalized than that!

Looking for a gift for the sports fans in your life? Check out the Woolie Travel Coffee Mug! Each stainless steel mug features a vibrant team logo and sports jersey ‘woolly’ appearance. It’s a one-size-fits-all solution to supporting a sports enthusiast’s team spirit! Lightweight and portable, these mugs can go with you to a game, tailgate party or to the best seats in the house—your couch! 

Mugs can be added to a gift basket [link to GSL gift basket], enhancing a theme or used as a clever part of the gift presentation. The For the Dog Lover gift basket includes an ‘All You Need is Love (and a Dog)’ mug that is sure to touch the heart of a new, or long-time, puppy parent. Long after the other treats in the basket are enjoyed, the mug will serve as a reminder of your thoughtful gesture. 

Think about popping a gift card to a favourite local coffee shop inside a mug for a much-appreciated gift that keeps on giving! A mug filled with a selection of teas,  the ingredients for a cup of marshmallow-topped hot chocolate or some soothing soup mix is a warm way to show you care for a variety of occasions.

Drink it in

As the days get shorter and cooler, finding simple ways to drink in all Fall has to offer become more important. A cozy afternoon curled up with a book and your favourite tea or fireside chats over coffee with friends, a mug can make these moments last.  


By gifting others, or yourself, a thoughtfully handcrafted or personalized stainless steel mug you’re brewing up something beautiful.



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