Is Plant-Based Pet Food Good for My Dog?

Friday, May 5, 2023

Introducing Vivus Pets

 A New Era of Plant-Based Pet Food

Founded in 2021 by Olga Milman, Vivus Pets is a proudly Canadian, woman-owned and operated pet food company based in Vancouver, BC. As a 100% plant-based pet food company, Vivus Pets is dedicated to providing quality canine nutrition products that offers a harmonious way to pet parents and their furry companions to live with all animals and the planet.

Five key DNAs that set Vivus Pets apart from other pet food brands:

DNA #1: 100% plant-based and cruelty-free. Vivus Pets believes that we can choose to have a healthier, greener, and more compassionate lifestyle through plant-based eating, and so can our furry companions. They do not use any animal-based products or by-products in their formulas.

DNA #2: Backed by science. Formulated by Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionist, each product is nutritionally complete and balanced for optimal pet health. Their products are developed based on extensive peer-reviewed research and scientific evidence.

DNA #3: Hypoallergenic. Vivus Pets offers products that are free of common canine allergens such as animal products, wheat, soy or corn, giving you the peace of mind when feeding your pets.

DNA #4: Sustainability. The brand is committed to reducing its environmental pawprint and giving back to the community. They use 100% recyclable packaging and sustainably sourced ingredients and donates to support reforestation in Canada.

DNA #5: Compassion. Vivus Pets is committed to helping animals in need by supporting and sponsoring animal rescues and shelters across the nation.

How can a plant-based diet be complete and balanced for dogs?

Contrary to popular belief, dogs are actually omnivores, not obligated carnivores.
They don't require meat to meet their protein needs. With careful planning and monitoring of nutrient profiles, plant-based diets can offer a complete and balanced source of nutrition for our furry friends. In fact, plant-based foods can be even better as they can offer a more sustainable and ethical source of protein.

The 100% plant-based dog foods at Vivus Pets are carefully formulated to include all the essential amino acids required for your dog's health. They use a combination of protein sources to ensure a complete and balanced diet for your pup.
The B12 supplementation in Vivus products is the same type used ubiquitously throughout the pet food industry in both plant- and animal-based products - it is a fermentation product. In a way, this mimics the B12 naturally found in animal tissues: herbivores derive their B12 from microbial synthesis in their gut, while carnivores derive B12 from consuming the B12 in the herbivores, which originally came from those gut microbes.

Industrial synthesis uses microbial fermentation as well, but the "middle man", the animal tissue, isn't required.

Vivus Pets offers a range of products to support your dog's overall health and well-being. Their protein-packed healthy treats, including plant-based bacun, plant-based chick'n, and assorted veggie flavors, are perfect for satisfying your pup's cravings without the allergy-inducing ingredients.

Their soft supplement chews, which come in calming support, digestive support, and joint and mobility support, are designed to provide targeted support for your dog's specific needs.

Fresh Breath Dental Chews are designed for smaller and more sensitive mouths, help to promote dental health and fresh breath.

Vivus Pets is a new era of plant-based pet food that offers high-quality, nutritionally complete, and ethically sourced products for pet parents and their furry companions. They are not only providing a healthier and sustainable option for pets but also supports the wellbeing of the planet and other animals. Visit their website to learn more about their products and join the plant-based pet food movement today: Vivus Pets


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