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Canada is a country that takes pride in its traditions and history. It is also one of the top countries when it comes to quality of life. The reason why Canada has been able to maintain this quality over time is that they have a culture that values hard work, creativity, and innovation. This means that if you’re searching for unique gifts made in Canada, you’re going to have a hard time choosing from all the incredible pieces available. 

Canada is known for its diverse landscapes with people from all walks of life and heritages, so it's no wonder that it has a lot of great gifts to offer. There are a lot of popular gifts that are made in Canada, such as maple syrup and hockey jerseys. However, there are so many other items that make for great gifts.

Whether you want to find the perfect gift for your family or friends, there are some amazing Canadian products with a Canadian story you’ll love. The following is a list of some made in Canada gift ideas:

Christmas Ornaments Made in Canada

The holidays are just around the corner but it’s always the right time to gift someone you care about with a Christmas-themed present. Whether you’re looking for an original gift, or something more personal, hand-made ornaments created by a Canadian local business are sure to make any holiday season bright.

Sumas Mountain Studios has some gorgeous Canadian-themed Christmas ornaments you’ll want to get your hands on. “A circular ornament featuring symbols representing every province and territory. Each ornament is laser engraved and features baltic birch wood on the top layer and your choice of glittered green, red, gold or silver underneath. Each ornament comes ready to hang, complete with a beautiful satin white ribbon.”

Canadian Hammocks

You can gift nets for hammocks to your friends and family that love to spend time outdoors. They are also great for people who are looking to relax and unwind after a long day of work. 

Do they already have a hammock they use often but could use another one that’s unique to a Canadian business? How about getting them the rope hammock from Hammock Universe? “Are you ready for the next level of luxury in hammocks? Allow us to introduce you to our Soft-Woven Deluxe Polyester Rope Hammock! Fusing classic, elegant style with soft yet strong polyester materials, this hammock uses the highest quality of materials to create an amazingly comfortable and relaxing finished product for you to enjoy for years to come.”

Made in Canada Jewellery

Gifting jewellery is a popular way to commemorate special occasions and it has been a tradition in many cultures. Whether you’re looking for a gift for your partner or even a friend, jewellery is a great go-to gift that will be sure to make someone very happy. 

There are many different types of gift jewellery that are suitable for different occasions and people. If you know the person well, then you might want to get them something that relates to their interests, such as a necklace with their favourite sports team’s logo on it. If you don't know them well, then you can go for something more generic like earrings or a bracelet.

Canadian made jewellery is more popular than ever before. With consumers becoming more and more conscious of the impact that their purchases have on the environment, they are looking for companies that can provide a sustainable and ethical option. Some of the most popular types of Canadian made jewellery include pearl jewellery, gemstone jewellery, gold jewellery, silver jewellery, and fashion rings. Canadian made jewellery is unique because it's all original designs that are handcrafted by skilled artisans.

The Green Botswana Agate Bracelet ~ Shiny Silver Cuff/Bangle Bracelet with Feather Motif from Blue World Treasures is the perfect addition to any gift set. Give it to the bridge at a bachelorette party or to your partner to show you care. Authentic Aboriginal jewellery, “Sometimes referred to as ‘The Stone Of Change’ Botswana agate is a stunning stone with a myriad of powerful properties. The most royal of all the agates, this gem is famous for its distinctive white bands and subtle, earthy shades. It’s believed to be a comforting, protective stone that can bring comfort to the lonely or solace to the grief-stricken. The stone’s associated quiet energy is said to be useful for centering oneself during mediation. Some say it gives you the love and strength you need to look for answers rather than dwell on your difficulties.”

Canadian Kids Gifts

The holiday season is almost here and you likely have at least one child on your shopping list. Kid’s can be tough to buy gifts for as they are often picky or may not play with every gift they receive each holiday or birthday. Canada has a lot of amazing things to offer for kids. Whether you are looking for toys, clothing, books, or entertainment, Canada has the best selection of gifts for children. 


The Toy Box from Gift Baskets Canada is an excellent option as a gift for a young child or baby. Bring it to the next baby shower to instantly put a smile on your loved one’s faces. The box includes a monkey plush rattle, baby socks, onesie, ring rattle, a bear squeeze toy, flannel blanket, plush wrist rattle, baby handprint kit, belly stickers, reversible chamois blanket, and a large wooden ABC box.


Searching for made in Montreal gifts or even specially made gifts in Edmonton, Canada is by far and wide the best country to find handmade gifts for anyone on your list. 

Canadian Gift Baskets 

When it comes to gift giving, you should think outside of the box. When you give them a gift basket, they will get to experience different flavors and textures that they might not have tried before. Gift baskets are a great gift for someone who has a wide range of interests. They are a perfect gift for the person who loves to try new things. Gift baskets are a great way to give someone a variety of things that they might like. They also come in handy when you're not sure what to get someone or if you want to give them something that is more personal than a single item.

A gift basket should be something that you put some thought into and would be excited to receive yourself. It should also have some sentimental value, so it will make the recipient feel special. has a variety of items, from food to bath products, you can add to a gift basket to make it unique.

Aren’t sure exactly what gift to get? 

If you are looking for a present for someone, gift certificates are a great way to show how much you care. Gift certificates can be redeemed online or in-store and they are the perfect gift for any occasion.

Why should I support local businesses?

With the increasing use of online shopping from large corporations boasting mass production, local businesses are struggling to stay afloat. With a limited reach, small businesses cannot compete with the prices that online stores offer. However, there are still many ways for consumers to support these local businesses – even online. 


You can often find online sellers that can ship quickly and efficiently via marketplaces and eCommerce websites such as Etsy and These platforms provide businesses with the resources they need to compete with larger national retailers, such as shipping, logistics, inventory management, marketing, and more. 


Canada is a country with a rich history of giving. From the time when the first settlers arrived to today, Canadians have been generous and giving to their neighbours. In Canada, we have an abundance of talented artisans with roots all over the world who create unique products. These Canadian craftspeople are known for their unique designs that are both functional and beautiful.

Whether you're looking for home decor or gifts for your friends, family, or colleagues, there's something special about Canadian-made items that you'll love. Check out the new items in stock on the website.


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