Friday, July 29, 2022

Helping Hands for India is a charitable organization located in CANADA, managed by a dedicated team of CANADIAN VOLUNTEERS  who are committed to supporting educational opportunities and well being to children in India.

We have supported the construction and operation of a school in the rural village of Pritamgarh, India, where yoga, meditation, play and outdoor education are included in the curriculum. Sansar Gyaan Pathshala, which means ‘World Knowledge Lessons’ is the name of the school. We can now accommodate 300 children at the school.


Before our school was built most of the local girls did not attend any school. Many parents believed that education was wasted on girls because their ‘purpose’ was to get married and have children. Having female children was even seen as a burden, and women and girls were not highly valued.

When our school was first established parents would only register their boys. So, a rule was created in the first couple years that if a boy came to the school, he also had to bring a girl with him (a sister, cousin, friend or neighbour). Our school staff also visit the surrounding villages regularly to meet the families and share the value of educating women.

We are very proud and happy to witness the growth and success at the school and community with just the empowerment work we have already done. We no longer need to maintain the one girl for every boy rule, as parents are now happy and comfortable with sending their girls to the school. Our girls are more attentive, achieve higher grades and are more goal oriented because they understand and appreciate their opportunity to attend school, and feel the need to prove themselves able. They are more independent and self assured, and are already changing community attitudes.

Our students become highly respected in the school community, and many of the children who have graduated from Sansar Gyaan Pathshala are continuing on with their education at a nearby inter college. This college previously did not accept girls, but because of the impact Sansar Gyaan Pathshala has had on the larger community and the quality education the girls are now accepted.



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