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Flagship Pro 7 Colour LED 350 Watt Dual Lights Machine

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Description for Flagship Pro 7 Colour LED 350 Watt Dual Lights Machine

Newest PDT / LED 3 7 Colour LED 350 Watt Professional Dual Arm Light Therapy Machine 

Suitable For: Medical Spas, Physiotherapy Clinics 

Photo Dynamic Therapy (abbreviated as PDT) is driven visible, near-infrared and ultraviolet light, which are able to pass through tissue up to 1.5 inches deep.

 PDT has been used for years to treat dermatological disease and has been recently evolved to increase a range of aesthetical treatment purpose. Recommended to use for 15 minutes a day. It has 29 Health Benefits!

 2520 Bulb wattage include blue,  yellow light, red and Near-Infrared Light combinations can be used with both panels to bring up the customized screen with built-in protocols with frequency and percentage can be customized including timer. 


Acne Treatment, Scaring, Freckles, increases Collagen,  Skin Rejuvenation, Skin Tightening, diminishes wrinkles and fine lines.  Pain Management, reduce inflammation and speed healing.

Back Treatments: Chronic Pain Management - Targeted / Full Body Treatments

Pre-set treatment program:

10 programs


PDT Panel A:

It uses wavelength of 460 nm LED and it activates the production of endogenous porphyrins within acne, It generates toxic singlet oxygen to kill the propionibacterium in acnes, and it quickly eliminates acne pustule and treats acne skin Yellow PDT

It uses wavelength of 590 nm LED and it makes enhance blood circulation, activation cells ,stimulate the cells excitability active role, increasing the skin collagen fiber and elastic fibers avoiding the skin redness

Red+Blue PDT
Cures acne, relieve skin 

Red+Yellow PDT
Stimulate dermal collagen, improve skin lines and skin tone

Yellow+Blue PDT
Improve facial lymph circulation, inhibit pigment expansion

Red+Blue+Yellow PDT
Promote collagen formation 

PDT Panel B:

Blue PDT

Red+Infrared PDT
It use wavelength 940nm & 630nm LED and it makes improve the circulatory system enhance immune system function, increased skin activity, improve joint pain, promote metabolism

Clients can be laying on a massage table for full body back treatments to access a large area or for individual targeted treatments or seated in a chair for targeted treatments.Safe to use everyday for 10 minutes for 6 areas or 10 minutes. 

NOTE: LED Light Blocking glasses are available for purchase that is required for safety when used with this machine. 

Model: PDT3


CE ISO13485


PDT light:


Red | Yellow | Blue| Purple Red| Near-infrared Mixed

Light source:

LED Gene Biology Light  (7 Colors)

1. Red Light:


2. Blue Light: 465-475nm 

3. Purple Light : Heal Acne Scars

4. Yellow Light:  588-595nm


5. Green Light:  520nm

6. Cyan Light:  Boosts Metabolism

7. Near-Infrared Light:  840nm


Light source: High energy Bio-SMD LED Head - 2 heads

350Watt for both panels  - 175 Watts per panel

LED Bulb wattage - 2520 (Red Light: arm A with 1260 pcs. Near-Infrared Light: arm B with 1260 pcs)

LED Spectrum

Radiation Energy - Max to 120mw/cm2 per head

Radiation size -1000 cm2 per head

Radiation Energy - Adjustable

Flashing Mode - 1-100Hz adjustable

Control panel - Full size colorful touch screen with timer and customized wavelengths

Weight - 42Kg  Dimension - 175x40x55 cm (foldable arms)

Working Environment - 10-28C 30-80% RH, 500-1060hPa  

Power Specification - AC 220V/50Hz, 110V/60Hz, Fuse in 16A  

Built-in 10 Preset Program Protocols

Packaging & Delivery  Expedited - 1-2 weeks

Warranty: Three Year Warranty

*Shipping is included in the price*

 Single item package size:  121X42X45 cm

Single gross weight:   41.000 kg

Package Type:

Standard carton size :121*42*45cm

Gross weight :45kg Net weight :42kg

 121 cm 42 cm 45 cm





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