Gifts, Gear, and Great Ideas for Dogs (and their Parents!)

Friday, November 18, 2022


Gifts, Gear, and Great Ideas for Dogs (and their Parents!)

Dogs make incredible companions. With approximately 8 million households across Canada counting at least one furry family member, it’s likely that you are, or someone you know is, a proud puppy parent. 

If you’re looking for a ‘paw-some’ new collar, a cozy den for your pal to curl up in, or the perfect gift for the dog lover in your life, this guide will have you barking up the right tree!


Crate Ideas

Whether you’re researching the essentials for a new puppy or looking for a solution to some not-so-cute behaviours your dog is displaying, you’ve most likely come across the concept of crating. Unlike a cage, crates are not meant to be cruel or confining. Instead, they offer a place where your pet can go to feel calm, safe, and in touch with their true instinct to curl up in a den.

Raising a puppy with a crate can prevent future problems in behaviour, including separation anxiety that can lead to excessive barking. And, the good news is that crates can help to teach an older dog new tricks. By introducing a crate into your dog’s world, along with some patience and training, an anxious dog can learn to seek out its crate for comfort. 

Crate-trained dogs also make better travel companions. The transition to a carrier is much smoother for a dog that is accustomed to a crate. And, with many crates designed to be easy to assemble and disassemble, your pup can feel at home while away from home.

When looking for the perfect crate for your pup, there are several important factors to consider:

-Size-  Your dog must have room to move around comfortably yet still feel the coziness of a den.

-Safety- A crate that protects your precious pup from sharp edges and can be easily cleaned to keep germs at bay is a must!

-Style: Just like your furry friend, the crate has to fit into your home and your lifestyle. 

Luckily, there are companies like the Dog Crates Depot that can offer you the product quality and knowledge that both you and your dog will feel good about. For over 7 years, Dog Crates Depot has been providing high-quality, versatile crates for Canadian four-legged family members. 


Here’s the scoop from Dog Crates Depot:



We Have Crates For All Dog Sizes      From Your Furry Little Muffin To Your Big Strong Boy, We've Got Crates That Are Spacious And Well Ventilated.

Easy To Disassemble And Transport     Their Mesh-Like, Collapsible Structure Makes Them Easy To Disassemble And Transport. You Can Move It Around, Making Storage Easy. They Are Also Lightweight And Easy To Assemble.

Strong Non-Corrosive Steel Frame That Lasts A Lifetime          Tried Of Flimsy Dog Crates That Bend Easily And Only Last A Couple Of Months? Our Crates Are Made With The Best Steel That Withstands Corrosion And Huge Dog Bites.

Easy To Clean In Case Of Accidents    Unlike Wooden Or Plastic Crates, Our Crates Are Made With Metal That's Easy To Clean Out Should Your Dog Have An Accident In Their Home. You Also Get A Crate Pan With Your Order.

Double-Door Design      This Design Gives You Easy Access To Your Dog And Allows You To Position The Crate Conveniently In Your Home.

Safe & Secure      Each Bolt Latch Is Designed With Paw-Blocking Technology To Keep Your Dog Secure Inside, As Well As Rounded Corners That Protect Your Dog From Injury.

As you can see, crating is kind for both your pet and you!

Sidewalk Style

One of the biggest benefits of having a dog in your life is the daily walk. No matter the weather or the mood, your dog needs you to ensure it gets out to take care of its business and survey the neighbourhood with some serious sniffing. 

Getting outside is an immediate mood-booster, especially when you’ve got an enthusiastic sidekick. And by being with a friend who stops to smell the roses, and everything else, you learn to slow down and appreciate your surroundings in a new way. As an added bonus, all of those walks around the block add up to some serious step counts!

Ensuring that your dog has a comfortable collar, leash, harness, and some bags for stooping and scooping is essential to the enjoyment of the daily walk. Of course, stepping out with your dog can also be a chance for it to show off some style and express its personality.

Puccissimé Pet Couture offers a range of fashionable pet accessories, including its unique one-click buckle harness.

When owner and founder, , had a little brown Toy Poodle enter her life in 2016, she soon discovered it was difficult to find a harness that was the right fit for Raisin. 

She decided to design a unique harness that was not only easy to wear (using a one-click buckle), but also followed current trends and fashion. Soon she started designing other pet products with an eye to both function and fashion. 

Here’s the scoop on the One-click buckle from Puccissime Pet Couture’s information page:

Unfortunately, most harnesses available at pet stores are not the best options to use on your precious pup.  Not only they are complicated and time-consuming to put on, but they also create rubbing and chafing in short-haired dogs. In regular harnesses, the front strap sits very close to the dog's neck and results in choking. 

Our unique one-click harness design is an inspiration based on a Norwegian dog harness which originally was designed for active dogs trained for pulling sleds, jogging, and cycling. They prevent chafing while being active. The one-click buckle hassle-free style makes it very easy for you to put the harness on your dog. Not only they are practical, but they also follow the latest fashion trend enabling your pooch to be comfortable while looking stunning. 

Popular collars available in the market can increase or maintain health problems like headaches, pressure on the eyes, and breathing problems; especially with smaller dogs. Our special handmade harnesses ease the sensitive areas such as the spine, neck and head of your dog and prevent unnecessary pulling. You can ensure that your pooch will be comfortable in this design, with no tight-fitting fabric around their neck. Our harnesses are adjustable around the chest.

All harnesses are handmade. Their easy-to-wear design is to put an end to your dog's pulling habit. 

  • This lightweight one-click harness is loved by our clients.
  • Designed to be ultra soft and eco-friendly with 2 layers of mesh fabric for extra comfort
  • Made from light-weight ultra padded breathable mesh
  • Fully adjustable chest strap
  • It helps dog with breathing problems, collapsing trachea , and bad backs. 

Their innovative and high-quality designs have lead to many recognitions and awards for their contributions to improving the health and happiness of dogs and their owners.

Puccissimé Pet Couture carries harnesses, collars, leashes, bandanas, bow ties and flowers, and even poo bag pouches. Handmade in Vancouver, Canada, each piece is made with the care and consideration your doggo deserves.


You’re a Paw-some Parent

With a comfy crate for indoors and some fashionable and functional gear for your adventures in the great outdoors, you and your pooch are all set for good times ahead! 

Of course, there’s so much more that goes into the care of your furry little family member, but covering these two important considerations puts you on the right foot (and paw!). And, thanks to other Canadian dog lovers,  you don’t have to stray far from your own block to find high-quality, handmade, and unique pet products.

Give yourself a biscuit, you’ve been a good puppy parent!





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