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Sea moss & Sarsaparilla bundle

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We give you access to an alkaline diet through our herbs and Sea Moss gels.

Description for Sea moss & Sarsaparilla bundle

Take advantage of our bundle and start giving your body the essential minerals it needs. Strengthen your body up with sea moss which has 90% of your daily essentials minerals and fire up your body with sarsaparilla which has the highest source of iron. Together these are essential for your body!

Sea moss is Healing, restoring, building, revitalizing, detoxing, and repairing damaged cells, Sea moss is an all-natural superfood. Real sea moss contains 92 powerful essential minerals that boost immune function, Iodine and magnesium for thyroid function, mind strengthening benefits, collagen proteins that strengthen and repair the connective tissues. Reduces inflammation, supports oxygenation of cells, helps eliminate excess mucus, soothes digestive tract, nourishes and beautifies skin/ hair nails, suppresses appetite and provides key nutrients during fasting. 

Jamaican sarsaparilla root is known as the highest quality. This root has the highest concentration of iron out of any plant.

Iron is the blood’s food supply and the blood is the medium of transport for oxygen to the brain and the rest of the body. So it is essential! Iron is seen as a magnetic mineral that pulls other minerals to it. Therefore, an herb or plant that is rich in iron would have adequate amounts of other minerals in balanced proportions. This is why sarsaparilla is so potent! Some of the many benefits include, treating anemia, purifying the blood, treating skin condition, increasing energy and has anti inflammatory properties. Add this super herb to your diet and start giving your body one of the most essential mineral it needs. 

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