How to Choose Art for Your Home: Options for Every Budget

Monday, November 7, 2022

How to Choose Art for Your Home: Options for Every Budget

Bringing art into your house or apartment is the best way to make any four walls feel like home. From your kids’ drawings displayed on the fridge, framed family photos to abstract paintings, your home is a canvas for expressing what matters to you.

Art is for everyone and can be found everywhere. 

Most of us think of art as something that can only be found in museums and galleries. These are beautiful places to get inspiration and learn what you admire in an art piece, but the art is either not for sale or too expensive to bring home. 

It can feel intimidating to determine what counts as art. Often the way we respond to a piece of art is difficult to put in words, it’s something you might feel in response to the lines, colours, subject, texture—or any combination of these.

If it’s something that you enjoy looking at and it lifts your heart in some way, then it’s art.

As the famous artist Picasso is quoted as saying art “washes away the dust of everyday life from the soul’. Your home is a retreat from the stresses of life, and the perfect place to have art that makes you feel good.

And there are so many creative and affordable ways to use art to help you make a home that lifts your heart and, as Picasso suggests, your soul. 

Whether you’re looking for a quality print of a Picasso painting or are looking for a handmade wall hanging, there are so many options for finding the art that will help to make your house a home. From local artists and artisans to experienced art dealers there is a range of price points, styles, and creativity to fit both your budget and your taste for art. 

Meet the Masters

When art by a famous artist sells at an auction, it often makes the news. With bids in the thousands (and sometimes millions), work by artists considered to be the greatest can seem to be out of reach for most of us. 

But did you know that it is possible to buy original pieces by some of the most famous modern masters right here in Canada?

Based in Vancouver, BC, Chali-Rosso Art Gallery has been dealing with art by historical and modern masters since 2005. The collection is primarily focused on works on paper of the most well-known Modern Masters, such as Pablo PICASSO, Salvador DALÍ, Marc CHAGALL, Joan MIRÓ and Henri MATISSE. They also offer works by REMBRANDT van Rijn, Pierre-Auguste RENOIR, Edgar DEGAS,  Andy WARHOL, Roy LICHTENSTEIN, and a variety of others.

All of the artwork they offer is original and accompanied by meticulous documentation including  a certificate of authenticity to assure you of the value of your acquisition. Chali-Rosso Gallery stands behind all of its artwork as original, providing a lifetime guarantee.

While these pieces are a significant investment for most, they allow you to own an original work by a famous artist at a fraction of what it might cost at an auction. Imagine the feeling of seeing a real Picasso drawing every time you walked into your living room!

Art Reproductions

For a more affordable option, you can find a good-quality print of a photograph or painting you admire. By adding a frame that suits your decor, you can create a personalized look in your home that makes the piece unique to you, and own your own copy of a masterpiece.

Founded in Montreal in 1951, is “dedicated to bringing customers the best selection of posters and art prints in the world”.  They offer a range of thousands of posters and art prints, canvas, and laminate pieces. From a famous VanGogh reproduction to limited edition lithographs, there is truly something for everyone. With their framing and mounting knowledge and services, you can select something that is perfect for you. 

You can enhance the appearance of your poster or art print with an option to have the image on canvas or to have it laminated. Their framing service allows you to choose from various high-quality frames, mats, and glass. In addition, their unique mounting service permanently bonds prints to durable hardboard backing. Both services produce high-quality, finished products at a reasonable price.

Wall Decor and More

Often when we think of displaying art on the walls of our homes, we think of paintings or photographs. However, there’s now a renewed interest in handmade, textural wall decor. From wood-carved mirror frames to handwoven tapestries or macrame wall hangings, these art pieces can bring warmth and interest to any space. And while the  ‘Boho’ look is trending in decor right now, these pieces are classics that can be enjoyed for years to come. 

Just like any art form, there is a range of styles and price ranges for these handmade creations. From large retailers to local artists, you’re bound to find just the right piece for your home—at the right price.

Based in New Brunswick and available online, Freedom Forest creates wall hangings that are each uniquely designed and handmade. For as little as $20, you can find a piece that speaks to your heart and fits your budget.


Modern Masterpieces

For something truly modern and unique, consider the possibilities of 3D Printing and meet Miss Printed

A family-owned and operated business founded by life partners Jordan Mavrinac and Angie Kannanwill, they are on a mission to make the innovations offered by 3D Printing accessible and affordable for all Canadians. 

One of Miss Printed's leading principles for starting a 3D printing business was the need for environmental reform. They use reclaimed materials where possible, recreating plastic parts from broken electronics that would otherwise end up in the trash. In their printing process, they strive to use environmentally conscious supplies and packaging as well as proper disposal and recycling. 

With skills in 2D graphic design and 3D modeling, laser cutting, and more, they can print with resin or make engravings on wood and tile.

Most importantly, they print objects that are useful and meaningful. Working with Miss Printed, you can create a custom keepsake or piece that is truly customized to your tastes and needs.

Miss Printed enjoys “making things that have never existed and never could again because they were made custom just for YOU!”

Local Color

In Canada, you don’t have to travel far to find your next favorite art piece. From small towns to big cities, there are vibrant art scenes happening everywhere. By visiting a local show, gallery, or online shop, you might find that great art is closer than you think!

Local artists not only offer an exciting opportunity to own original art, but supporting a local artist feels pretty good too!

And having a connection to the artist creates another layer of meaning and value to the piece. The artist is sharing something that comes from the heart with you. For example, on Naturally by Denise's website she states that her mission is to “illuminate a sense of bliss in every serendipitous heart that encounters my art”. How lovely is that?!

Another bonus to shopping locally for art is that you can often find artists’ paintings or photographs of local landscapes or landmarks that add to the meaning and significance for you. You can bring home a ‘souvenir’ of a cherished place you’ve visited or celebrate your surroundings with art created by local artists.


Home Is Where the Art Is

Hopefully, you’re now feeling inspired to use art to transform your house or apartment into a home. 

Famous or local, handmade or 3D printed, art is a beautiful way to transform any house into a home that both speaks to and expresses what is inside of your heart.






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