How To Find the Best Products for Babies and Toddlers

Thursday, October 27, 2022

The Best Products for a New Baby

Is there a new baby in your life? First of all, congratulations! Welcoming a new human to the family is an exciting time. It can also be overwhelming. Especially for new parents.  

Adjusting to a schedule that revolves around the needs of your little one, sifting through the well-intentioned (yet often confusing) advice you may seem to receive from everyone– becoming a parent is as challenging as it is joyful.


Finding your way as a parent is a journey you don’t have to take alone. If it takes a village to raise a child, you can create that village. Online forums, community groups, trusted friends, or family members can all become part of your support network. 


You’ll soon find that not only are there parents who are experiencing many of the same challenges as you, but there are also parents who have developed solutions to make your life as a new parent easier.


Whether you’re a new parent yourself, or you’re looking for a gift to welcome a friend or family member's new arrival, it can be a challenge to find toys, clothing, and other baby and toddler products that are special, and, most importantly, safe.


From the toys they touch to the clothing that touches their skin, you want to ensure that you’re supporting a child’s healthy development. You may also be looking for products that align with your values; non-toxic, ethically, and environmentally responsible.


How do you create your village and find what you need? Keep it simple and shop locally. 


There are many Canadian parents who have created innovative solutions to common parenting problems. From handcrafted diaper covers to durable baby carriers, let us introduce you to some of the members of the village that awaits you!


Diaper Alternatives- We’ve Got You Covered!

Like many modern parents, you might be looking for an alternative to disposable diapers. Cloth diapers offer an environment and budget-friendly alternative. And, they’ve come a long way since the days of cloth secured by pins! Today’s cloth diapers come in thoughtfully designed styles that keep babies and toddlers clean, comfortable, and safe.


When the founder of Bumby’s first child was born, she knew that she wanted to use cloth diapers as a way to reduce waste. However, she struggled to find what she needed in her Alberta community. So, of course, she started making cloth diapers—and so Bumby was born!


Bumby Wool has grown to offer a variety of cloth diaper solutions. With a low-waste philosophy at its core, Bumby is a sustainable and ecologically responsible company. The OEKO-TEX-certified materials are made from 95% merino wool that is milled in Canada and blended with 5% lycra, meaning that is safe on baby’s skin. 


Bumby is also socially responsible. Gender-neutral sizing and design include functional pockets for all babies. A rainbow of color choices reflects Bumbly’s inclusive beliefs. Family-first work practices and livable wages ensure that the people making your baby’s diapers are respected.


And, the best part is that each cloth diaper is custom-made for your baby. You get to choose the colors and designs that work best for your baby. By only making to order, Bumbly ensures that no fabric goes to waste. And because they are cloth diaper experts, your order arrives to you quickly!


Looking for an eco-friendly, socially responsible alternative to wasteful diapers? Bumby has got you (and your baby’s bottom) covered!



Baby Carriers and Wraps Help You Get Out and About!

Getting out and exploring your community with your baby is good for both of you! But sometimes the work involved with packing and unpacking a stroller can make it feel like a chore.


Baby carriers are a way to get you and your baby out and about. You can both enjoy the fresh air and the bonding experience. They can also be used to help you move around your home in a hands-free way that brings your  baby along with you as you throw in some laundry or prep for dinner.


One of the most trusted baby carriers was created by a fellow Canadian parent, Christine Duhaime, in 2007. 


Christine’s passion for babywearing began when she discovered it on one of her travels. She thought if this makes my own life as a mother so much easier, why couldn't it help thousands of other moms? 


She decided to create her own brand of baby wraps and baby carriers at a time when babywearing was little-known in her province of Québec.


Drawing on her background in both occupational therapy and textiles, she created the Chimpäroo baby carrier. In the last 15 years, Chimpäroo has become the go-to in baby carriers and baby wraps because they offer:


  • A minimalist and simple tool to bring you all the benefits of traditional baby-carrying.
  • The end-all, be-all of softness, comfort, and versatility.
  • Allows for optimal positioning of the child throughout the stages of their development, no matter their age.


Chimpäroo continues to create high-quality, innovative babywearing products, right here in Canada! 


One-Stop Shopping for Busy Parents

As a new parent, to say you’re busy is an understatement! 

And, with the needs of your little one constantly evolving, you may feel like you’re constantly shopping for new goods that support their growth.


Recognizing the challenges of modern parents to find what they needed for their babies and toddlers, the founder of EmmBaby created a one-stop shop, both in-store and online. Based in Ontario, Canada, EmmBaby features quality items, from baby toys to feeding accessories, and everything in between. 


EmmBaby’s mission has been to provide you with everything you need throughout your journey as a parent. Committed to excellence and the safety, well-being, and development of children, they work persistently to innovate and deliver the best-in-class infant care and juvenile products. EmmBaby only works with partners they trust, ensuring that the products they deliver to you provide value to your family, and make your life a little easier.


EmmBaby loves babies and knows what they need! Explore their website to find exactly what you’re looking for!

Eco-Friendly Baby Fashion


Inspired by the wonder of ‘firsts’ that children experience in their first years of life, First Rodeo creates sustainable activewear for children that supports them in exploring their world. 

And the best way for children to explore and learn is through play. Wearing comfortable, cute clothes makes both the little ones and their parents happy. The color palettes and prints are fresh and modern and can be coordinated to create so many outfits!

Made in small batches and using organic and recycled materials, First Rodeo clothes are ethical, sustainable, and super cute!

The First Rodeo classic hoodie features a slight drop in the back for coverage, a kangaroo pocket, and, of course, a deep hood. Made of organic cotton french terry, the hoodie is designed for cozy comfort.

First Rodeo’s leggings are made from recycled water bottles. They pair beautifully with hoodies, tee dresses, or tunics. Their durability and stretch mean that they are ready for all kinds of adventures.

Find Your Village by Supporting Local

A community of support is all around you as you begin your parenting journey. Finding your ‘village’ can begin with where and how you shop for your little one. 

By finding innovative solutions to common parenting challenges, Canadian small businesses have what you need as you embark on this journey. You can feel good about the products that touch your baby’s skin to the size of the footprint you and your family make with sustainable alternatives to diapering, clothing, and more.

As a modern parent, you no longer have to trade your values for big-box solutions. With so many Canadian small businesses offering ethical, sustainable, and beautiful options for all of your baby’s needs, shopping local is the best place to start. 




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