How Your Desk Can Help You Reach Your Goals

Monday, September 26, 2022

How Your Desk Can Help You Reach Your Goals

Whether you’re writing a quick email for work or an epic novel, creating an environment that supports your mind, body, and spirit can make a difference to your success. The comfort of your chair, an organized desktop and decor touches like plants and art, can set you up for productive work days, at home or at the office.


And there’s something about this time of year that feels like a fresh start. Just like ‘Back-to-School’ inspires the little ones to fill their backpacks with new school supplies, it’s a perfect time to refresh or redesign your desk space as you embark on a course, pursuing goals for work, business, or side hustle—or all of the above! 


Make it Work for You


When designing your workspace, it’s important to consider the realities of your workday. What do you need to have close at hand to fuel your productivity? From a place to set your coffee to having important files close at hand, small details can have a big impact on your work day.


The basics of a functional workspace include, of course, the desk (height, depth, surface, standing or sitting), chair (unless you’re standing!), lighting and storage (paper trays, filing, pen holders, etc.). 


Measuring your available space can help you optimize your available space and refine your search for your desk setup.


Then comes the fun part!


How do you want your workspace to look and feel? Do you love the look of an open and airy office but don’t know how to create this in the closet that’s been designated as yours? Choosing a palette of white for your furniture, shelves, and desk accessories can help you achieve a spacious feel in the smallest of spaces.



By ‘researching’ on Pinterest, websites, or magazines, you’ll begin to see that there are common threads in the looks you like. Do most of the images you save or like feature dark walls and book-filled shelves? Maybe a traditional library look is for you. Are colourful, cozy spaces catching your eye? Think about the accessories and personal touches you could bring to your desk setup.


Find Your Light


Zoom meetings all day long? Think about where you can place your desk to maximize the natural light from a window. A desk lamp that casts a flattering light is also a great idea for increasing your confidence in your above-the-keyboard presence. 


If you’re vlogging or podcasting and don’t want to rely on the availability of natural light, you’ll want to ensure you have ample space for a ring light and audio equipment.


With so many styles of desk lamps available, it can feel overwhelming in choosing the one that is right for you. The good news is that, with so many options, the perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics for you does exist. Need light on different parts of your workspace? A lamp with a flexible, movable neck is probably your best choice. Want a lamp that simply coordinates with your laptop? Why not? Again, thinking about the role a desk lamp needs to play in supporting your work day will help you shine a light on the perfect desk lamp.



To Sit or to Stand?


Are you sitting down? In case this comes as shocking news, sitting for long periods of time is unhealthy. It’s true. In fact, a lot of the health issues that are impacting both young and old, are from being too sedentary. 


From spending our days in office chairs to time on the couch in the evenings, too much sitting can result in increasing our risk of diabetes,heart disease, muscle strength, and posture.  And, of course, if we’re sitting still we’re not burning calories, leading to weight gain that can impact our overall health.


The good news is that office furniture continues to evolve to provide healthy solutions to these problems. From ergonomically-designed chairs to standing desks, a desk setup that truly supports you is achievable!


What is a Standing Desk?


A standing, or stand-up desk, is a desk that is adjustable to allow you to stand up comfortably while working. Most standing desks can be adjusted to allow for sitting too, increasing their versatility and functionality.


With so many people seeking to adopt healthier habits in their daily routines, the benefits of a standing desk can help you achieve just that! 



Standing desks are becoming increasingly popular because they can:


  • Lower your risk of weight gain and  obesity


Standing naturally burns more calories than sitting. The ability to move around more freely increases your ability to more easily achieve a calorie-in/calorie-out balance to your day.


  • Reduce back pain


Back pain can range from mildly annoying to outright debilitating. Being in a seated position for long periods of time can cause strain on back muscles. A standing desk significantly reduces this strain, allowing you to focus on the work at hand, not your back.


  • Lower your risk of heart disease and diabetes


With research to back it up, standing lowers your risk of heart disease as it allows for improved blood circulation. Healthy blood sugar levels are easier to maintain in a standing position, especially after meals.


  • Improve your mood and energy levels


A little shuffle in your step as you move to the music playing your AirPods is bound to make you smile and increase your energy throughout your workday!


An exciting new vendor to join the GoShopLocal community is Quebec-based Burotic. On a mission to “provide attractive and innovative desks, enabling people to elevate their productivity at work”, they offer standing desks that are built to last. 


Their Signature adjustable desks are made of the highest quality solid wood, giving them a modern and charming look. You can choose from three wood species (maple, walnut, or cherry wood) carefully selected from North American forests. Due to the natural differences in wood grains, each handmade desk is truly unique. 


Have a Seat


Being informed about the negative health effects of sitting can inform your choice of chair for your desk setup. Even with a standing desk, there will be times throughout your day when sitting makes sense. 


Choosing a chair that is comfortable and complements the looks of your workspace is important to your overall happiness and productivity!


Everything from the texture of the surface (fabric, plastic, etc..) to the shape of the armrests are features that need to be ‘customized’ to you and your workday needs:


  • Height adjustable


Having your legs cramped up under your desk or your feet barely touching the floor are not welcoming ways to work. The ability to adjust the height of your desk chair to your body and your desk is the best way to customize your comfort.


  • Lumbar support


To reduce the strain of sitting, a chair that is contoured to correctly support your lumbar is a must!


  • Depth and width


Just like Goldilocks and The Three Bears, the chair you choose should feel ‘just right’ for your body.


  • Swivel and wheels


A chair that moves with you makes the workday flow. If you’re workspace is on a carpeted area, consider adding a chair mat to your setup to allow for a chair on casters- it’s a smart move!


  • Cushioned and comfortable


Breathable fabrics and proper padding help to keep you cool and comfortable no matter what the work day has in store!



You’re All Set!

Going after big goals or enjoying quiet workday wins are made more achievable with the right desk setup. By dreaming, planning, and researching, you’re all set for success!



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