Nueve Sterling (Calgary, AB)

Hummingbird Enamel Silver Earrings

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  • 925 sterling silver and enamel
  • Size: 0.59 x 0.59" (1.5 x 1.5 cm)
  • High polish finish with colorful enamel details
  • Push back closure
  • Marked 925
  • Quirky design perfect for daily wear
  • Matching pendant available separately

Nueve Sterling

Handmade silver jewelry from Taxco, Mexico, which has been renowned for the art of silversmithing for nearly a century, passing down the know-how from generation to generation. Vaariety of styles to suit your preferences and budget.

Description for Hummingbird Enamel Silver Earrings

Like heirloom quality accessories but not the bulk? Go for these dainty pair and enjoy the splendid effect minus the weight!

Mayans believed that the humble hummingbird is a messenger between gods and men, conveying desires and thoughts from one realm to another.

Collect these 925 Sterling silver and enamel hummingbird earrings and let them guard your ears and flatter your earlobes. Perhaps you will get to hear mysterious musings or wise words when you allow these delicate, mystical avian images to inhabit your ears. At the very least, you will always have beautiful push back earrings that are about 0.59” by 0.59” and come with a stamp of purity.

Mexicans from hundreds of years ago believed that brave warriors who perished in battle came back as these birds, their spirits accompanying the Sun God in the world beyond.

Treat yourself to this pair and pair it with the matching PENDANT to complete your magical set.


Features for Hummingbird Enamel Silver Earrings
Made in Canada
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