Brave Soles

Toronto, ON

As the founder of an international youth humanitarian organization, Christal Earle had been working and learning from a local community of garbage dump workers since 2005 on the north coast of Dominican Republic.

Among everything else in that garbage dump, there are many tires.   

In early 2017, the idea manifested:  Why not use tires for soles on beautiful hand made shoes - and create a way to help the most vulnerable people in the process?

Ours is the story of people like you: people who know they want to be proud of their choices. Our team ebbs and flows and covers many generations of people from many different parts of the world. 

All of us have stories and reasons for why we do what we do.   And all of us have one thing in common: we are curious and inspired by the continued question of how we can connect in a way that is a reflection of our love for people and planet. 

The choices we make should be a reflection of what we value.   Our MISSION  is to find beautiful fashion that's kind to both people and planet and creates a better future for both; all at  fair prices. 


Leather for our shoes is sourced in the Dominican Republic with a local tannery called BOJOS TANNERY  Bojos works hard to be transparent and and is a certified gold member of the Leather Working Group.

Our Accessories Leather Collection is sourced from one of two places:
Upcycled aircraft seats and furniture cutoffs from furniture makers and overstock leather from the manufacturing zones of Dominican Republic. 

It’s about being aware. When you shop for carbon neutral products, you’re supporting  projects that promise stronger communities  and a greener Earth!






At Brave Soles, we believe that the people who make our shoes are just as important as the people who buy them.

Our shoemakers are local artisans across the North Coast of the Dominican Republic.  They supply all of our items - from the shoes we make to the bags they are delivered in. We have adopted a strong sense of transparency and  trust.  Their skill is admirable and we are proud to work with men and women of such talent and ambition.

We ensure all of our employees and suppliers are employed ethically: from wages, to vacation time to health care and working conditions. 


We are nearing using complately upcycled products.  But for some of our items it is not yet possible to have 100% upcycled materials. In this case, our team chooses high-quality leather from the Dominican Republic, Mexico, and Argentina.       Our cushioning midsole (between the tire sole and the leather shoe bottom) is made from a high quality foam that is designed to be durable and long lasting.



You deserve to pay a fair price for a fairly made product. After all, isn't this what it means to do business ethically?

Our aim has always been to price our products fairly -taking into account the incredible quality of our shoes and products and ensuring that our artisans are well compensated.

Our shoes might not be the cheapest on the market, but that is not why we are in this business. The skill required to produce what we have is a time honored and learned craft. We sleep well at night knowing that your soul can rest easy in your Brave Soles purchase and know that everyone has been treated fairly along the way.


Bernard is originally from Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. As our "Tire Wizard" he is the magician behind the soles that are traveling all over the world with the Brave Soles' name.

Bernard comes by his craft rightly. Through years of working with his father and brothers, he has creatively been recycling tire parts for motorbikes and other useful items. He first learned how to cut soles in Haiti as a young teenager and until we met, had been searching for a way to connect with the global market. He is now proudly doing that, day after day. He is also training our up and coming tire wizards to do their craft with as much passion and skill that he pours into each pair.

Bernard is an entrepreneurial creative at heart, always surprising us with his latest invention (he actually built a car on his front porch from upcycled parts he collected!) and we are proud of his skill and passion for helping the environment.