Ardent Earth (Toronto, ON)

Upcycled All-Purpose Kitchen Towel

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  • 100% upcycled linen
  • Size: approx. 64 x 64cm
  • Plastic free, washable, reusable, simple
  • Packaging is recyclable paper sleeve
  • HandMade in Canada
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Ardent Earth

Sustainable vegan goods for Home and Body

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Description for Upcycled All-Purpose Kitchen Towel
Take the steps to making your home environmentally friendly! The little initiatives add up and before you know it, sustainable practices are already ingrained in your lifestyle. Less waste, more satisfaction.

At Ardent Earth, we use deadstock fabric and other beautiful, sensible, upcycled materials to craft home and personal products that support the reduce, reuse, and recycle philosophy.

Use earth friendly products in your home, like these beautiful Upcycled All-Purpose Kitchen Towels that do a wonderful job drying hands and dishes, wrapping things up as a reusable furoshiki, or covering your rising batter.

Our all purpose kitchen towels are responsibly sourced and help reduce waste and are safe to use in your home. Each kitchen towel is handmade from upcycled fabric and may show slight variations that do not affect usefulness. Caring for your upcycled all purpose kitchen towels is easy, just pop into the machine to wash and hang dry, do not use fabric softener.
Features for Upcycled All-Purpose Kitchen Towel
Made in Canada
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